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Terms & Conditions for Patrons (Service Recipients)

(For Silver, Gold, Diamond, Crown & Platinum Owners)

1.  The Terms and Conditions contained herein along with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, form an Agreement regulating our relationship with regard to the use of Consult 2 Architect by you.

2.  Please read carefully and understand all these Terms & Conditions before registration yourself in Consult 2 Architect.

3.  Information & documents should be complete & accurate which are provided by the Patrons (Service Recipients) about the work.

4.  Scope of work & requirements should be clear & accurate before starting the work.

5.  You can provide 2 to 3 pictures for the reference of designing that you want in your design.

6.  All information accepted only by email at patrons@consult2architect.com.

7.  Consult 2 Architect will provide only soft copy of final drawings by email.

8.  Consult 2 Architect will not responsible for any kind of approval, involvement & interference from all the work related government authorities. The Patrons (Service Recipients) will be completely responsible of his/her work & execution.

9.  Consult 2 Architect can provide separate consultancy on demand for all work related government authorities about approval, involvement & interference.

10. Consult 2 Architect will provide only 2D black & white drawings in soft copy by email. If the Patrons (Service Recipients) want any colored or presentation drawings and perspective views or walk through then Consult 2 Architect charge separately as per actual market rate. 

 11.   Silver, Gold & Diamond Owners Category are Only for First time Users or Patrons (Service Recipients) availing Architectural, Interior Design & Consultancy Services in only for Rural Areas. It is for Awareness & Encouragement, So that First time Users or Patrons (Service Recipients) to avail the Benefits by selecting us in Rural Areas also.

12. Fess Structure which is reflected at the time of Registration is only for Proposed Building Design and does not applied for any existing building.

13. Consultancy Fees for any Interior Design & Drawings in Existing Building are INR 150.00 per Square Feet. Require Complete existing Architecture & Structure Drawings, details of requirements, type of style, list of Makes (if you have selected) etc.

14. Consultancy Fees for renovation, Architecture, Structure and Interior Design & Drawings are INR 150.00 per Square Feet. Require Complete existing Architecture & Structure Drawings, details of requirements, type of style, list of Makes (if you have selected) etc.

15.   Work will start after 3 working days of received advance payment. So in any case if you want to stop the work in your project and want to cancel the service, then you can apply within 3 days for cancellation. And your payment will refund within 20 working days. Once start the work cancellation will not allowed. 

16.   All transaction charges & taxes will be paid by the Patrons (Services Recipients) of "Payment Gateway-Pay U Money".

17.   For Crown & Platinum Owners: Consult 2 Architect will decide all terms & conditions according to the type of project, area of project, scope of work about these both category after registration.

18.  Please read this Agreement carefully. You are advised to regularly check for any amendments or updates to the terms and conditions from time to time. Consult 2 Architect may add to or change or update these Terms of Use, from time to time entirely at the its own discretion. You are responsible for checking these Terms of Use periodically to remain in compliance with these terms. Your use of Site and any amendment to the Terms of Use shall constitute your acceptance of these terms and you also agree to be bound by any such changes/revisions/amendments.

19.   You accept the Site Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other Site policies by clicking the "Submit" button when registering into the Site.

20.   All disputes will be in the jurisdiction of Delhi court only.


If you need any kind of help or Query please contact us through Email: patrons@consult2architect.com or Helpline: +91-8800599937.

Our working hours are Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM. Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.



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