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Our Key Features or Unique Service Proposition (USP) For Every Patrons   

We are providing all mentioned services in very low fees, according to others in open market. "Approximate on the bottom line" 

Our Unique Service Proposition (USP) For All Professionals   

Brief Study from Survey 

As per survey approximate 15-20% people only (Mainly Business Class) avail this Architectural & Interior Design Professional Services. Rest of the people do not dare due to many kinds of reasons Like... Hesitation, misguidance by near & dear ones, Incomplete knowledge about Architecture & Interior Design not being aware about benefits of Architecture & Interior Design and are afraid of spending more money than there budget allows, not being aware of new technologies and building related Products &  Accessories, Are not aware about the workmanship and qualities etc.       

As people do not take timely professional services, they face many problems during the course of construction or even after completion. Due to this the estimated cost always exceeds their budget     And also the work done is not up to the mark. The finishing and repair work keeps going on even after their inhabiting the space. This is a waste of time and money. It affects their health as they have to take a lot of tension from the beginning to the finishing of the work.   


Our Basic Concept  

The 80-85% people in the market are waiting for this Concept. We understand there requirements and dreams. We have to just reach and educate them about Architectural & Interior Design with Consultancy services through this platform. Because these all people are not completely aware about the advantages of Architectural & Interior Design with Consultancy services and there cost effects. We want to make all people aware about the fees of “Architectural & Interior Design with Consultancy services” which is not costly for anyone.   

All Professionals are always saving your budget & money leakages and always provide you  the perfectly executed and quality work. And the fees of all professionals are within the decided budget. which is saved by them. That's why these "Architectural & Interior Design with Consultancy services“ are always more beneficial to all people with there budget. So we can care and have possible solutions to all the puzzles about your dreams to be fulfilled as New Construction, Renovation, Architecture & Interior Design with Consultancy, and with rates down to earth. We can provide all above process for you with happiness and peace of mind.    

And you can feel WOW with Consult 2 Architect.  


Projects & Services 

Every class of people (Job/ Self Employed / Business Person) want to consult an Architect for his/her dreams to be fulfilled. We can undertake any kind of building projects which may vary from New Construction, Renovation & Interior Design with Consultancy. We can achieve that for everyone by providing building related design services with services Co-ordination and Design under one roof.    

Projects like...  


Services like...  


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